Testimonials 2

  • Will Bryson


    Will Bryson, ACA Graduate, 2011

    You will never view Shakespeare the same after becoming an ACA graduate. Training is incredible.

  • Rod Menzies

    Top notch

    Rod Menzies, Co-Artistic Director, Ensemble Studio Theatre LA

    Top notch training, outstanding teachers, exceptional institutional setting - this is the real deal.

  • Michael Barr

    Life-altering experience

    Michael Barr, ACA Graduate, 2015

    Completely changed my approach not just to Shakespeare, but to theatre in general. An absolutely life-altering experience with an outstanding faculty.

  • Michael Bloom

    Wonderful faculty

    Michael Bloom, Director and Author of "Thinking Like a Director"

    A wonderful faculty and a great program. And a terrific class of devoted students.